Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why I don't Read Zero Hedge

It appears that Rick Santelli and Zero Hedge have something in common.  They both don't have their facts straight.  You can read the details here:

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  1. Zero Hedge Vs Bruce Berkowitz--What happened ZH? I thought BAC and MS going bankrupt? Stupid Herd loves ZH web site-it's so informative

  2. That's not the reason you don't read Zerohedge. It's not because you think that they made a error in one of their posts. You weren't reading it before they made that error (I know because you told me).

  3. You have to take everything on that site with salt. There is some good information on there, but everything is colored by an extremely bearish bias. If you can filter out the bias, it's actually worth reading.

  4. Hi Anon,

    First Anonymous comments are not allowed but I let you comment pass.

    Second, if they don't have the correct facts and are deliberately misleading people how can you believe anything they say?

    Third, why are they extremely bearish? Is it only to drive viewers to their site? Bad news sells and but I'm sorry I don't have the time for that.

    Peter, you are correct I wasn't reading before. I could see through the smoke long before but this post is confirmation they are only interested in generating ad revenue. The above link is from calculated risk.


  5. Same anonymous commenter here. Feel free not to publish this comment, but I prefer some anonymity online. If you like I can email you if you want to discuss further.

    Like I said, take everything on the site with salt. There are a few things you do have to credit the site for, including being first to identify and report on the crisis in Europe before it was news, and also for the great work they did reporting on high frequency trading a few years back. But I agree there is a great deal of misleading information on the site as well. Just think of it as a financial tabloid that occasionally turns up a real story.

    My take on the reason the blog is so bearish, is because the contributors are bearish, and they are actually often talking their book. So again, reader be warned. There are always bullish and bearish arguments on the market, and regardless of your personal standpoint I don't think its a bad idea to listen to both sides.

    And yes - They are mainly interested in generating revenue and driving traffic to the site. I would not argue with you on this point, and the site's owners would probably not argue with you either. Again, readers of the site should understand this and filter through the information presented appropriately.