Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Moose Hunting Photo's

We'll I just arrived back from Moose hunting and I am sorry to report that we harvested no moose this season.  We actually saw very little action until our last day, Saturday.  That day my hunting partner was caught right in the middle of a chase between a couple of wolves and a cow moose.  He only saw one of the wolves and it was within 50 ft of him.  We are not able to hunt cow moose during the season we hunt.  I don't think the wolves caught the moose since the amount of snow we have gave the moose an advantage. 

Just to give you an idea of what it's like to moose hunt, I am including a few of photo's of our hunt.

A typical view heading into the forest.  The forest is a mixture of Pine, Spruce, Birch, and Poplar.  Most of the areas we hunt we're major logging camps dating back to the 1940's, and some of the more recent logging happened during the 1980's. 

This is the portable hunting cabin we stay in during our hunt.  It is 12ft x 18ft (216 sq ft) and can sleep three comfortably and four people if required.  It has insulated wall sections and an insulated tarp roof.  It was designed by my father-in-law and all packs nicely into a 6 ft x 8 ft x 2 ft steel box that stays up in the forest.  We take a small generator to run interior and exterior lights and propane tank to run our coleman cook stove and a lantern if required.  A wood stove provides heat.  If you look closely the door you will see the cabin is appropriately called the "Attack Shack". 

This is a picture of a sunrise early in the week. I climbed up about 50-60 ft up a really, really old spruce tree that was over 100 ft tall. The base circumference of the tree was so large if I put my arms around it my fingers couldn't touch. I'm sure some of the really old trees measure 3 ft in diameter.

This picture was from Thurday afternoon (yes afternoon).  The temperature warmed up from -30°C (-22°F) to 0°C (32°F) and hoar frost made everything look white.  Other than the first couple days, the weather was quite nice. 

I went for a walk near sunset Thursday in familiar territory without my GPS.  It was amazing how quickly disorientated I became without the sun as a reference.  I honestly couldn't tell you which direction was north.  All I knew was that if I stayed on the skidoo tracks I would make it back to a main trail.  Needless to say, I don't leave the cabin very often without my Garmin. 

Here is a picture of a whitetail deer (doe) that I took.  I saw about a dozen deer including one fairly large buck I could have shot.  He had a decent 3 x 3 rack, fairly wide.  I am fairly fussy on deer and I am only looking to shoot a 150+ buck.  I have a 5 x 5, 160+ class mounted in my basement and I am only looking to shoot something larger.  If you have done any hunting you will know that deer always look bigger through the scope on your gun.  Once they hit the ground they horns shrink by about a third. 

As for the markets they continued to zig and zag.  No new news of substance other than the US economy is quite strong despite the rampant pessimism.  A number of bargains are currently available in high quality large cap stocks.  Given how low interest rates are stocks are obviously cheap.  This will become more clear in the years ahead.  Hopefully everyone is enjoying the buyers market.  As much as you may not like the low prices, it really is good for a number of the businesses I own that are actively buying back shares.  Every day the companies I own become more valuable even though the market prices don't reflect that reality.  In the long term the market will figure it out. 

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  1. while you were hunting I snagged some more BAC near $5, C $23 because the temperture will rise again-This winter shall end.

  2. Great photos, Kevin. Looks like you had a great trip despite returning home without any moose.


  3. You are lucky to have had such an experience 4 separate times. What kind of guns/ammo are you guys taking out there? I imagine something heavy duty to take down a moose. I've recently been using these Federal .223 55 Ammunition with Stripper Clips because they are powerful enough to ensure whatever I hit goes down, but I'm wondering how they would perform against a Moose!

  4. We all shoot 30/06. Most other guys use the same or 7mm or 300 Win Mag.

    I'm not sure where you are from but we are not even allowed to hunt deer with a .223, it has to .23 or larger caliber.

    The only way you could kill a moose with a .223 is to tie it up and shoot it in the forehead point blank. Seriously though, even with a 30/06 and clean lung shot, the moose might run a couple hundred yards before it falls.