Saturday, November 27, 2010

Moose Hunting - Down Markets

We'll we made it back and were successful in harvesting a young bull moose.  Missed another.  Saw several other moose, so overall it was a very successful hunt.  Some other hunters shot a bull moose 250 yards from our cabin the day before we got there.  We definitely hunt in a fantastic area. 

I though it was going to be cold up there as temperatures were around -25°C (-13°F) overnight, and only reached about -18°C (0°F) during the day.  I was worried we were going to freeze to death but marching through 2-3 ft deep snow definitely keeps your heart rate up. 

Tuesday I got on a fresh set of tracks and walked for 2 miles with only a fleece coat over a long sleeve t-shirt.  Stayed plenty warm, even sweating.  Even at night, it's amazing how warm you can stay in a really good sleeping bag. 

Well, it looks like I didn't miss much on the markets during the past week.  Hopefully investors get even more scared about the European debt issues with Spain and Portugal.  I know most investors don't like falling markets but you really shouldn't care what your portfolio does in the short term.  I am very patient when I purchase anything and stocks are no different.  I love a good deal and when I see one I whip out my cheque book.  Parting with cash is difficult for this investor unless I feel I am getting a really good deal.  What I paid for our acreage would be a great example, and I nearly walked away from the deal.  Regardless, it's now worth 4 times what I paid for it. 

Bring on lower prices.  Perhaps it will be a Merry Christmas on the markets this year!

Best Regards and Go Riders,


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