Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blog Introduction

I just want to welcome all value investors to this blog.  I hope you find it a valueable source of fresh, and refreshing content.  I don't intend to rehash the investment days news, because frankly I don't care if the markets went up or down. 

My plan is to publish one original investment idea on this blog per month, with other value investing insights inbetween.  If I cannot find a value investment idea I will let you know. 

I should add this caution.  If the market continues to rise it will become very difficult.  Currently I only see some value in large cap US stocks and some select small to mid Canadian companies.  Of the large cap US stocks it wouldn't bother me either way if I purchased or not.  They are not stand out values but many are companies with strong franchises.  They would be companies to own for the rest of your life. 

I will also update periodically on how the investment ideas that I post perform.  A full lookback will be performed and posted annually.  Anything shorter is a waste of time. 

I do work full time (Professional Engineer), have a family, and have some other responsibilities but I will strive to keep the content here top notch.  Investing is a deep passion of mine, I would love to manage investments for a living.  I do keep my living expense at a minimal, and I am likely one of the few people out there who don't have cable TV.  I prefer having more time to read (about investing, 10-K's, and 10-Q's).  If I can, I will make the switch as soon as I have passive income that will cover expenses.  Like Buffett has said, not doing what you love is like saving up sex for old age. 

That said I do have fairly decent investment funds for my age and I do find it fun working with the funds I do have.  I also advise some family members as well. 

If you have a similar value blog/website feel free to drop me a line. 

Kevin Graham

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